Don’t theme your place, reveal it.

Your place has history, culture, and roots, let us reveal it. At Xsense we strive to connect people to what’s real about a place by surfacing its true nature. A place’s unique personal history and sense of tradition are among the elements that give authentic places roots.  We help bring these elements forward — and thus create inspiring and enriching sensory experiences for your customers.

We also aim to ensure that the current experience of a place is true to its nature by building deep relationships with local stakeholders. By facilitating community outreach, cultural preservation, and education regarding current social needs, we build a strong sense of continuity.

In other words, we discover all that’s real and relevant about a place and we connect the right people (whether indigenous families or teams of architects) with this knowledge to ensure that a development expresses its archaeological, geological, sociological and biological essence.

Case Studies

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