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Authentic Wellness and Spa Experiences

Since we’re always up for a challenge—especially ones that entails deep research into local customs, traditions and beliefs.  In 1998 I was challenged to conceptualize a spa in Beijing. I were thrilled to be invited to participate in creating the … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice

At this very special time of the year — a time of change and renewal that many cultures around the world have celebrated for thousands of years — we here at Xsense find ourselves reflecting back on the seasonal traditions … Continue reading

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Since laughing is good for the health, we thought it apt to share this 1887 job description for nurses that was discovered among the stories of a former Merchant Marine hospital.  Are we…or, aren’t we…exceedingly glad it’s now 2010?!  The … Continue reading

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Cultural Day at Santa Ynez Reservation

This image shows the hand-crafted detail of a cape worn at the Chumash cultural gathering hosted at the Santa Ynez Reservation last November.  While much of the public idea surrounding native culture is often far removed from its actual expression, … Continue reading

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With research comes reading…yea!!!  Decolonizing Methodologies, by Linda Smith is a standout on our scale.  Her perspective is profoundly relevant as a native woman who nurtures her cultural heritage and way of life while mindfully engaging and participating in a … Continue reading

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Quotation Moneygram money order by Deloria Vine Jr. in Custer Died for Your Sins. “Peoplehood is impossible without cultural independence, which in turn is possible without a land base.”

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Keevin’s Jewelry

Our projects have a fabulous way of introducing us to many notable people, and it’s been a real privilege to continually learn through these relationships.  Kiâ aanii Creationz is the artistic venture of one of these individuals, and it is … Continue reading

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Authenticity Chapter 7 in Beyond Branding

We try to keep our eyes on good stuff, which includes lines of text at times… While yes, this is a declared branding book, we’ve honed our focus on the ideas that ring our bell.  Here’s a glimpse at the … Continue reading

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