Here’s what some of our clients have to say about Xsense:

Archie McLaren
Avila Beach Committee for Encouragement of Chumash Relationship with Potential Chevron Tank Farm Project

“Xsense, particularly through the concerned, aware, focused and professional input of Uta Birkmayer, was critical to the establishment of a cultural connection between the local Chumash community and Chevron Corporation, so that the entire community of Avila Beach could potentially benefit from that relationship. Due to the evolution of that cultural relationship, we are optimistic that an envisioned Chevron Avila Beach Tank Farm project will become a reality and a manifestation of cultural presentation and exchange that may well be a beacon that is recognized and applauded throughout the world.”

Robert Glazier
Hill Glazier Architects

“Xsense is exactly what’s always missing in projects. It’s the glue that keeps things together so that projects don’t fall apart.”

Albert Boswijk
European Centre for the Experience Economy, Universiteit van Amsterdam

“(Uta Birkmayer) is an important contributor to our international Experience Academy Executive Course in Europe. She and her team give life to our theme of Value Creation through Experience. Extracting meaningful experiences exactly fits our view on a new perspective on the Experience Economy. Xsense approaches experiential design not as marketing trick but as an important process that has the ability to transform our lives. This is an important reason why we invite Uta Birkmayer to contribute to our course and develop a multicultural executive course in the USA.”

Deni Ruggeri – Professor
Department of Landscape Architecture, Cornell University PhD

“The Xsense process brings together marketing, social science, and design knowledge into a holistic approach to placemaking that is unique and unprecedented. At a time when many academics are discussing the true nature of place and struggle with finding methods to capture its essence, Uta has distilled a set of practical and innovative tools to make the places in which we live healthier, more resilient, meaningful and beautiful.”

Steven James, AIA – Principal
DTJ Design

“As Director of Community Design, responsible for the ‘vision’ of lifestyle architecture, site design, and landscape, I was impressed and intrigued by the personal connection and innovation that Uta and the Xsense team brought to our envisioning process. Through reconnaissance, insight, and inspiration, expressed in words, visuals, and mementos, Xsense guided the crafting of a relevant story of place through collaborative design. Our client will benefit from their unique ‘kit of ideas’ to better position and foster a distinctive ‘lifestyle culture’ for the community.”

Stuart M. Grinstain, AIA – Architect

“Collaborating with Xsense has reinforced for us the notion that great place making requires the ability to integrate design concepts with local customs and cultures into understandable, compelling, and memorable experiences for a project’s end users. The staff at Xsense works extremely hard at going beyond the superficial aspects of a storyline, creating experiences of depth and nuance for a project.”

Stephen Tindle – General Manager
Trilogy Vineyards, Shea Homes – Brentwood, California

“Uta and her Xsense team have been integral to the success of our Trilogy communities. This is particularly the case when we have brought them on board in the earliest, conceptual stages of our planning and design process. The world-class skill-sets that Xsense offers, as an augmentation to our team’s vision, have become fundamental to our success. Through their extensive research, creativity, and meticulous execution, Xsense has been invaluable in helping us establish not only a decisive competitive advantage, but also create communities that feel right to our residents. The value-added ingredients that Xsense delivers, far beyond the ‘bricks and mortar’ of their home, give our residents a sense of belonging to a real community, in the true sense of the term. That was always our goal when we conceived the Trilogy concept and Xsense has helped us raise the bar on the delivery of our vision.”

Don Huntington – Editor in Chief
110° Magazine

“Responsible architects and designers all seek to design structures and landscapes that are physically appropriate to the area in which they will be built, but Uta Birkmayer’s Xsense took that goal to astonishing new levels in a development project that I’m familiar with.

In September 2006 I worked with Uta on a remarkable article called ‘Building to Embody History’ in which she recounted the steps she took in assisting the planners of a local high-end development project to fit their creation within its historical, geographical, and (especially) cultural milieu. Uta identified ways to contextualize individual elements of the project, from building materials to consumables.

Uta and her Xsense project provided a unique layer of significance in a major Trilogy development permitting it to resonate with elements from Native Americans who inhabited the area and with the pioneers who first settled here. The results of her treatments made the property more attractive for potential buyers. In addition, community authorities, leaders, and residents with whom Uta consulted at length were impressed with the care that the Trilogy developers were taking to provide connections between the project and the community that they were fitting it into.

I was, frankly, inspired and even dazzled by the breadth of Uta’s vision and by the intelligence and sensitivity she displayed while uncovering and demonstrating numerous appropriate ways for the site to acknowledge its place in space and time. Xsense added great value to the project. Uta and her team obviously helped Trilogy to differentiate itself from the great number of development projects competing out here for property buyers’ dollars.”

Paige M. Poulos, APR
Paige Poulos Communications

“Xsense brings a rich new dimension to brand marketing; revealing the essential authenticity and history of places and products. Xsense’s services are an invaluable resource for companies seeking to connect with their customers on every level.”

Aaron Steed – Owner
Meathead Movers

“Uta Birkmayer and Xsense Experiential Design broadened my perspective and understanding of how my employees and clients view Meathead Movers, Inc. Together we worked hard, had fun, and created initiatives that will give my company sustainable competitive advantage over the competition. I fully recommend Xsense Experiential Design to any company that is ready to take their clients and employees experiences to the next level.”

Chip Conley – Chairman & CEO
Joie de Vivre Hospitality

“Who does an ‘out-of-the-box’ company call when they want fresh, inspired and innovative ideas? My company, Joie de Vivre Hospitality, called Uta Birkmayer because she asks great questions that get to the heart of what we’re trying to achieve. Moreover, unlike some consultants who leave you just hanging with the questions, Uta helps supply the answers – in multiple forms. In our case, this meant that she created many new ideas for our four-star luxury boutique Hotel Vitale on San Francisco’s waterfront. Not only did she come up with the ideas, but she sent us samples and visual inspirations. She’s a holistic thinker who is able to amplify the soul of your business.”

Frank J. Vain, President
McMahon Group, Inc.

Private clubs have long struggled with the notion of membership marketing due to the inherent conflict between the exclusivity of membership and the selling process. Uta’s notion of experience marketing is one of the most successful methods I have seen to solve this challenge. She understands that membership demand is driven by creating high perceived value. By focusing on services and programs first, she helps clubs create a membership experience that people want and then communicates this to prospects through effective collateral materials. For the Tokyo American Club, Uta addressed the international membership’s unique needs as expatriates away from home and focused external marketing as well as internal product development on managing culture shock and bridging the cultural gap. Instead of being a ‘fortress’ of Western lifestyle, the club became a ‘gateway’ into a foreign culture. Special emphasis was put on the businessperson, as well as spouses and their families. In 2004, this experiential management approach is an emerging concept; Uta employed this strategy a decade earlier in Japan. This link between organizational strategy and the marketing plan is an innovative approach that is highly effective in creating a significant competitive advantage and increasing membership sales.

Dr. Gordon Konieczny, Cabin Product Evolution

“Uta is a creative power thinker. Heavily armed with the latest research, her results-driven approach will focus entirely on your company’s essential customer experience. Working with Uta is highly motivating – and so are the results. Xsense elevates your ideas into a strategy that really works. I have general doubts about ‘regular’ consultants, but Uta is not one of them – she is in a class by herself.”

Bradford Zak – founder
New Tourism & The Harmony Project

“Few convert challenge to brilliant inspiration. For the decade I have known Uta in Asia, this was her routine. As a business woman immersed in masculine cultures, this is an additional achievement. Her perennial state of energy, self-challenge, innovation and organization is the genesis of her Xsense genius. For Uta the cliché is to practice what you preach and connect to culture in meaningful ways. Her efforts are exponential – with results anything but cliché.”

The 2M Group – Meg Goodman, President

“Uta is clearly one of the most enlightened conceptual people we have worked with. She gives “thinking outside of the box” a whole new context, as she disregards the possibility of having ever heard of a box. Her knowledge of international hospitality, spa and experience marketing is unique.”

Daniel Cosgrove, M.D. – Medical Director
WellMax Center for Preventive Medicine

“Xsense is a creative problem solver, a powerful combination of creativity and organization. The consultancy researched all aspects of my business and tied complex operational issues into a complete concept to better define my business to my customer, and achieve the emotional connections that ensures that patients follow through with their programs, developing the return business everyone needs. By creating and tightening the brand message, and translating it into everyday applications, it now drives architecture & design, staffing, operations, marketing & communications. Last, not least, the experience content was enriched by Uta’s passion and understanding for health, wellness and longevity.”

B. Joseph Pine II, Co-founder
Strategic Horizons LLP, and co-author, The Experience Economy: Work Is Theatre & Every Business a Stage and Authenticity:
What Consumers Really Want

“Few consultants understand and have internalized our ideas and frameworks in The Experience Economy better or more thoroughly than Xsense. Their design work across the hospitality, spa, and other high-touch industries, truly Xcite the senses to create compelling and engaging Xperiences.”