What We Do

Xsense works with clients to connect places (whether they’re new developments or existing sites) to their roots. Each project we engage in is informed by our thorough understanding of the meaningful components of a place. Through deep research, our diverse team of multi-disciplinary experts uncovers all that is resonant and relevant about a project site and its surroundings. We take our findings and help developers, planners, architects and designers create meaningful destinations using a process that integrates design and marketing with operational efficiency.

Our model begins with in-depth research into the particulars of a place’s local history, residents, culture, legends, cuisine, and arts. We interview locals, review historical literature, conduct ethnographic research, facilitate community research and generally immerse ourselves in what makes a place unique.

Taking this knowledge and distilling it down into a series of specific and actionable recommendations, we then work with stakeholders and design teams to find uniquely meaningful ways to bring our findings to life. We conduct visioning sessions and participate in design charrettes and cross-disciplinary workshops to ensure that everything from food and beverage decisions to health and wellness concepts are in synch with both the nature of the place and the needs of the community.

And while our approach varies project by project, we consistently aim to create deep, fulfilling engagement by unifying the efforts of design teams, sales and marketing groups, and operational staff.

How We Do It

Authentic places are like trees. They’re deeply rooted and, with proper care, they nourish and sustain the community that surrounds them. At Xsense, we see ourselves as caretakers — ensuring that authentic places are fruitful and rooted. We do this by enabling and empowering diverse teams to create meaningful, enriching experiences that are informed by a deep understanding of the essence of the places they’re designing for.

Our process takes place in natural stages, each of which create a greater focus on the communication of your place’s true story. Once the roots of your place have been identified, we help integrate them into your development team’s efforts through a project guidebook. The project guidebook captures all elements of the place you wish to create and becomes an important tool for your current and future team members and employees. By nourishing your place, its personalities and its unique culture, we create experiences that are deeply rooted and will grow sustainably for generations to come. This is a long term commitment which starts with the research but continues through connecting what is authentic in marketing, operations, service philosophies, and human resources.

Working together, we surface the essence of your project and develop a deep and shared understanding of its culture, customs, and history. With an eye toward your evolving plans and the future desires of your audience, we guide your team through each stage of implementation.

For an illustration of our core values, roll over the tree image.