Project Outline & Deliverables

Although the Xsense process adapts to every project’s unique needs and opportunities, please find a very basic project outline, time line and deliverables below.

Timing Considerations

The Xsense process is designed to parallel logically with the critical path of a project’s developmental, marketing and operational process. The entire process takes app. 12-20 weeks; kick-off is best scheduled 8-12 weeks before a planned envisioning workshop and about 3 months before decisions on street and venue names will need to be made.

Budget Considerations

The budget is a simple calculation of hours spent on various tasks. The hours estimated for the various phases are unique to every project based on the level of quality and depth of research required.


Our Phased Approach

Preliminary Phase: Project Assessment

This optional phase is an ideal way to introduce Xsense to project partners who might be unfamiliar with Xsense’s services. This introductory phase will include essential anthropological site research, an in-depth site visit and meetings as needed with the owner/developer as well as with key stakeholders. The two to three-day immersion is conducted by Xsense CEO and founder Uta Birkmayer and will result in either a written strategy document or on-site strategy consultation, or both. This assessment introduces Xsense’s unique value-add methodologies to the development team and articulate early findings, which will help focus subsequent research and pre-development, pre-opening and post-opening visioning.

This phase is optional, but highly recommended, especially for first-time clients, but also for many clients at the pre-conception stage of a project. The work in this phase will help streamline Xsense’s Five-Phase Approach outlined below.

Deliverable: Project Strategy Presentation
Time Frame: 2-4 weeks

Xsense’s Five-Phase Approach

The Xsense five-phase process accompanies projects from initial visioning through the design phase. Subsequent alignment with marketing, operations and training (often years into the future) are arranged with the client for the implementation phase, PART II. All hours are estimated and flexible.

Phase 1: Preliminary Exploration

Our work typically begins by conducting remote research and by gathering and organizing information collected and supplied by the developer and planner. We call this the Preliminary Exploration phase. This phase helps us identify areas to research more deeply, places to visit and people to meet/interview during our first site visit.

Deliverable: Project Strategy Presentation
Time Frame: 1-2 months

Phase 2: First Site Visit

Uta Birkmayer plus 1-2 anthropological researchers and audio-visual documentarian will spend app. 2 days on site, researching and documenting various cultural settings, visiting culturally relevant sites, meeting local cultural experts, project-related officials, museums, etc. Interesting research opportunities may reveal themselves during this time and will be explored. Possible stakeholder exercises may be sketched out at this point and could include photo voice exercises.

Deliverables: Summary Document
Time frame: app. 4 days

The content of the Exploration Book will meaningfully and authentically connect what’s sustainable and culturally relevant to a place and its people. To ensure connectedness, all involved project team members have the opportunity to immerse themselves into the Exploration Book several weeks before a design charrette to get familiar with the material and find ways to think creatively within it. The design charrette itself brings all team members together at the project location and with the local community/culture (if applicable) for 2-4 days. Depending on team resources, Xsense can either take a leading or a participatory role at the design charrette and, in every case, will guide the project team through key chapters of the Exploration Book so that future design and concept ideas are rooted in the authenticity of this location. After the charrette exercise Xsense will take several more weeks to incorporate the design team’s specific ideas, suggestions and the overall project direction to produce the Project Guidebook, which will accompany the project through plan reviews, budget changes and subsequent development, marketing and operational phases.

Phase 3: Exploration

Materials gathered throughout the first two phases, plus data gathered from potential photo voice exercises will be combined and published in the Exploration Book. The purpose of this book is to share all information with all team members in preparation of the first interactive workshop. The Exploration Book is designed not only to give authentic information about the place, but to inspire the reader of how to grow the authentic “roots” of the place into authentic “fruits” by the reader’s in his/her very particular field of expertise. The Exploration Book will be made available to all team members prior to the first envisioning/design charrette exercise. Optional Exploration Video documentary piece will be featured at upcoming workshop/design charrette.

Deliverables: Exploration Book and optional documentary video
Time Frame: 4-8 weeks

 Phase 4: Workshop/Design Charrette

Xsense will present relevant “root” information to the design team at the workshop and invite selected cultural experts to give specific presentations to the team. Moreover, Xsense will engage with the team to inspire all individuals in using the “root material” presented in ways that are meaningful to the customer and create experiences that touch all of the senses. The team learns how to apply authentic information in meaningful ways to include discovery, learning, wonder, adventure, relaxation, fun, community, beauty, creativity, sustainability, health/wellness and harmony.

Deliverables: Workshop Presentations/Coordination/Filming
Time Frame: 2-4 days

 Phase 5: Project Guidebook & Vision Film

Following the first workshop Xsense will articulate the workshop’s creative product into a comprehensive Project Guidebook and Vision Film, the “roots” of the place, anthropological research and place fats, with the “fruits”, the actual customer experiences as they are created with landscaping, architecture, sensory experiences, learning, adventure, wonder, entertainment etc. During subsequent workshops this guidebook will be used as a base document, which will evolve with the team’s creative process.

Deliverables: Project Guidebook & Vision Film
Time Frame: 6-8 weeks