The Industry: A Year Later


The growing trend toward authenticity is discussed in a recent article published by the Urban Land Institute called The Industry: A Year Later.

In short they say, the new “normal” is about focusing on what is important and prioritizing what is meaningful, both as humans and as organizations.

For many of the 76 million baby boomers, this has meant simplifying their lives and shifting from material wealth toward a growing awareness of the impact of consumption, while the next generations seem to be more naturally attuned to social consciousness and to giving priority to quality of life over quantity of possessions.

Many people refer to this as the “new normal.” If this is a valid way to frame the changes being observed, the new normal seems to be fueled by three behaviors:

  • Caution. While the focus on due diligence has tempered financing and development activity, a healthy degree of caution will require more fiduciary responsibility and realistic expectations for returns and outcomes going forward.
  • Doing more with less. This is not just a function of assiduous cost cutting. There seems to be a genuine recognition that many common business practices in the past two decades were simply bloated. Necessary trimming has showed how productivity increases can be achieved with fewer resources.
  • Higher purpose. The survey panel identified many examples of a drive toward authenticity and achieving more than just profits.

To read the full article follow this link :

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